Diversity Survey Directions


The College of Education and related education programs are compiling data about our candidates' experiences in working with students of diverse backgrounds. Each advanced candidate (master’s, advanced credential, etc.) is asked to complete a brief survey about your worksite and experiences working with students of diverse backgrounds. If you are not currently working, you are still being asked to complete the survey.

How to Retrieve Demographic Data about your School

To complete the Diversity Survey, you will need to collect demographic information about the school or district where you work. If you work in a district office or at multiple school sites, you will collect information about the district. Specifically, you will need to know:

The percent of English learners at your school or district site.

The percent of students at your school or district who receive fee/reduced price lunch.

The percent of student population at your school or district that is different from your own ethnicity.

If you work in any public school or district office, you will find the information you need on the California Ed-Data website (http://www.ed-data.k12.ca.us). The site is very user-friendly. Follow the simple steps outlined below to help you find the information.

Note: If you are not currently employed, or are employed in a private school, the College of Education still wants you to complete the survey. You will not need the California Ed-Data.

Accessing the California Ed-Data Website

Go to the California Ed-Data website at http://www.ed-data.k12.ca.us.

Select School from the Reports column. (If you work at a district office or multiple sites, select District instead. You will be reporting data about the entire district.)

Select Profile of School, then select county, district and school name.

From this point, you will easily be able to make links to the data you will need for the survey. You are also asked to calculate what percent of the school population is of a different ethnicity than yours. For this, you can go to the Students by Ethnicity link (see below).

Clicking on the Students tab will take you to data about English learners and ethnic composition.

This is a sample chart of Students by Ethnicity that allows you to calculate the percent of students whose ethnicity is different from yours.